Remote Access

This is the ability to connect to your practice securely from an outside location - from home - for example.  Our method uses a direct connection into your server, not using the connection service of a thirdparty organisation.  The link is called a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and is a secure tunnel via the internet between you and the surgery.  This allows the functionality of being at your desk while actually working from home.

TCS provide the equipment and create the secure link for secure access.  Practice personnell can be individually allocated passwords and access codes.

.....A complete remote access service.

remote access 


Inter-Site Linking

 This service allows two geographically separate practices to effectively be one from a data point of view.  From a Healthone perspective data in one location is automatically passed every few minutes between the main surgery and remote location.  

TCS supply the necessary equipment and establish the inter location data link.

...A complete inter-site linking service.


remote access

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10 Tips for Practice Computerisation

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Our Clients

My practice has been completely computerised and maintained for over 9 years and we have found them and the services they offer invaluable.

Dr. Claire McCarthy - General Practitioner, Cork