Project management

TCS Medical can work as your partner throughout the development phase of your new medical system. We can liaise with builders, electricians and other third parties to ensure that cabling and other tasks that pertain to the system are performed correctly at the time of installation. Upon designing a hardware / software specification we can also manage the tender to computer companies and work on your behalf to ensure best pricing and quality.

Process development, role assign and training

Hardware and software are only the first stage in medical system deployment. The real key to a successful system lies in developing the processes by which the system is used, assigning core responsibilities for areas such as data maintenance and finally, by ensuring that all staff are trained to efficiently use the system to facilitate their role in the practice. TCS Medical address all of these areas and can design workflows, advise on how best to assign responsibilities and subsequently train staff in all required areas of system use.

System design

Based on consultation with the practice, TCS Medical identify the key goals and objectives of the system and analyse variables such as floor plan, core activities, staff responsibilities, shared resources and budget. Based on this information a medical system is designed that best delivers on the set bjectives and offers class leading functionality in areas such as user accessibility, data management and security.

Services for New Practices

Whether moving into a new building or considering computerisation for the first time, there are many variables to be considered when deciding on how to best implement a new medical practice. TCS Medical provide expert knowledge to practices at this crucial stage, ranging from entire system design to procedure development, documentation, staff training and project management.


Planning the Practice

At this stage we can help with:

Physical layout and practical considerations
Equipment required and placement.  
Network point requirements:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Comms Cabinets
  • Digital Signage
  • VOIP or Conventional Telephones
  • Visa Machine
  • Wireless Networking
  • Data Outlet Requirements


Computer Equipment Specfication
Quotation and Supply

 Moving In

Computer Equipment Installation
Network Configuration
Device Sharing Setup
Computing Procedures
System Training


Telephone & Dial In Support
On-Site Support
Cloud Backup Service - monitored daily and problems resolved
Cloud Anti-Virus Service
Supply of Computing Consumeables


If you are considering a new practice - contact us for a no obligation discussion.

New to Computerisation

When looking at a green field situation TCS can help at multiple levels from to helping you plan your new practice layout to defining your computer equipment requirements and supplying and installing this.  Coupled with providing the clinical software and training your staff.

10 Tips for Practice Computerisation

Click here to download our free PDF guide "Ten Tips for Medical Practice Computerisation"


Our Clients

My practice has been completely computerised and maintained for over 9 years and we have found them and the services they offer invaluable.

Dr. Claire McCarthy - General Practitioner, Cork