At TCS Medical we provide anti-virus with firewalls and cloud backup services.  These services are managed and monitored by us to give you peace of mind knowing that your practice is secure and your patient data is safe.


Anti-Virus Service

The anti-virus service provides a protected environment for your practice.  The advanced firewall with intrusion detection systems monitor access attempts from the internet and block unauthorised digital entry to the practice.  Viruses and malware are a constant threat.  The anti-virus system scans files, USB drives, emails etc for known threats.  The threat list is constantly updated and automatically passed via the cloud to all computers and servers in the practice - dramatically reducing the risk of infection.

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At TCS we create your account in the cloud and configure the firewall to suit your practice requirements. All licencing and management of the account is managed directly by us for you as well as monitoring alerts that occur.  When licences are due for renewal we will notify you in good time so as to have no non protected periods.  

.......A complete threat protection service.

Backup Service

Our backup service records your patient data into your cloud account every 2 hours.  This data is fully encrytped with yourself as the digital key holder.  The data recorded doesn't have to be restricted to just patient information, for example; all internally shared documents, legal reports, reference material etc. can also be backed up.

At TCS we create your backup account and install all the necessary files to connect your server to the cloud.  Each day we receive a status report informing us if the backup was successful or otherwise.  We investigate and correct issues as they occur.  


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Pricing is based on total storage requirements and start from as little as €150 plus VAT for 1 year (2017 pricing).

......A complete backup service.


TCS Medical...trusted by Irish doctors for over 25 years.

10 Tips for Practice Computerisation

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Our Clients

My practice has been completely computerised and maintained for over 9 years and we have found them and the services they offer invaluable.

Dr. Claire McCarthy - General Practitioner, Cork