Staff Training

Clinical System Training

Training is the key to effective use of a practice management system. The clinical system providers invariably offer staff training as part of their services. In addition TCS can offer a local resource for Socrates training.

Admin System Training

Apart from the clinical packages there are other aspects of practice management that can benefit from training.

  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Using Microsoft Excel in practice

Electronic Filing Systems

Effective ways to store and retrieve information.
Securely share information.

Practice Maintenance

Checking backups.
Checking anti-virus.

Design network requirements for new or re-designed premises

When designing a new surgery the type, quantity and likely positioning of equipment has to be taken into account.  Many types of equipment now use the network infra-structure apart from computers – from payment machines to security, telephones to heating systems, printers to wireless access points.  We can help you get this right and liaise with your contractors on your behalf.

Specify Equipment Requirements

TCS Medical can specify computer equipment suitable for your practice useage including computers, laptops, tablets, scanners, script printers, label printers, correspondence printers, wireless access and networking.

Design and Configure Practice Security

Security is an area of concern for every doctor – all be it from an internal perspective as to who is allowed to see/do what in the practice – to preventing access from unwanted external sources – while still allowing verifiable access from genuine remote locations.

Data Sharing

Clinical Management programs have access control facilities that can be tailored to your needs.  Of equal importance is the efficient storage, retrieval and access control of non clinical information from general admin to medical legal to accounting.  TCS Medical can design and implement these requirements from internal to external access.

10 Tips for Practice Computerisation

Click here to download our free PDF guide "Ten Tips for Medical Practice Computerisation"


Our Clients

My practice has been completely computerised and maintained for over 9 years and we have found them and the services they offer invaluable.

Dr. Claire McCarthy - General Practitioner, Cork